How to Buy/Sell

To buy or sell a token using the Dexana App, you can easily access its trading page in one of two ways: through the Discovery page or by using the search function. If you are browsing the Discovery page, you can click on any token listed there to be redirected directly to its specific trading page. Alternatively, if you have a specific token in mind, you can use the search bar to find it. Simply enter the token's name, and once it appears in the results, click on it. This action will also redirect you to the token’s trading page where you can view all relevant details and perform buy or sell transactions.

  1. Now that the trading page is open, click either "Buy" or "Sell". You will then see a modal where you can select the type of position to use. If you choose to sell, you must already own the token; to buy, you must have Solana in your balance.

  2. After clicking "Buy" or "Sell" in this order modal, wait for the final confirmation of the swap. Once confirmed, the transaction is complete.

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